Choosing Your Bariatric Surgeon: What You Need To Consider

The most important decision a patient makes is choosing their bariatric surgeon. The highways are loaded with advertising billboards and the television is packed with surgeons spouting their practices. Most of this is designed to get patients in their doors, and most often sponsored by the big hospital chains. The profit to the hospital for a bariatric surgical procedure is high dollar, so spending money on advertising is a good return on investment. Most of these programs are inefficient and feature sub-par surgeons. That shouldn’t be what you are looking for in a bariatric surgeon.

If I Were a Patient Looking For a Bariatric Surgeon, I Would Consider:

Accessibility: Make sure you visit with the surgeon about your procedure. Most practices assign a nurse or coordinator to you, and they often are very inadequate in educating you. I have had patients tell me they never interact with the surgeon. If the surgeon is not making time for you, look elsewhere.

Post-Operative Care: The post-operative visits are as important as the surgery. Again, if the surgeon delegates this to a nurse or coordinator, look elsewhere.

Follow Up: The follow-up schedule should be every 3 months, with a surgeon visit and barium swallow. This will monitor your sleeve pouch and eating habits. This is the key to success. If your surgeon isn’t taking the time to do this important follow-up,look elsewhere.

Experience: Having performed well over 5,000 bariatric procedures, a patient wants this expertise to be on their side. If your surgeon has minimal experience, look elsewhere.

The key to your success is you! Only you can pick your bariatric surgeon. This isn’t a decision where you just draw a name out of a hat. You want is a surgeon that is going to walk the journey with you. That will take time to answer all your questions, focus on making sure you have the keys to success, and be there for YOU!

I’m ready to be there for YOU! Together we can achieve your weight loss dreams! Fill out this application today to get started with a FREE consultation.


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