Risks of Weight Loss Surgery and 5 Reasons It Shouldn't Stop You

You’ve been going back and forth about weight loss surgery for years now. You’ve tried every diet that came out; you went carb free, gluten free, and sugar free – nothing worked! You are tired of losing the weight, and gaining it back three months later.

Do you just want to live a healthy lifestyle? Lose the extra weight you carry so you can live life to the fullest! Weight loss surgery may be the solution for you, although you are scared of the risks associated. Let us calm your nerves by going over the common risks and letting you know why they shouldn’t stop you!

Risk: Complications from Surgery

Surgery is scary no matter what the procedure is! There is risk for infection, blood clots, reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, and in very rare cases even death.

Risk: Recovery Difficulties

You don’t have time for massive surgery – you have a life to live still. The recovery time after surgery seems reasonable, but what if there are problems? You can develop aches and pains, feel as if you have a cold out of nowhere, have nausea and vomiting, develop dumping syndrome, among other conditions that can make recovery less than desired.

Risk: You Won’t Lose Weight

It seems pretty silly to have weight loss surgery and not lose weight, yet you’ve seen examples. You don’t want this massive surgery to be temporary.

These are very REAL RISKS!

Here are 5 Reasons the Risks Shouldn’t Keep You from Weight Loss Surgery:

1. Experienced Physicians know the risks of bariatric surgery and have YOUR health as their number one priority. Choosing Your Bariatric Surgeon is a pivotal piece to reducing your risks. Choose a physician who meets with you, listens to you, and wants the best for you is important.

2. You can reduce the risks of complications easily! Preparing for your surgery is a vital piece to reducing the risks associated and increasing the likelihood for excellent results! From starting to eat right, to exercising – you can prepare your body for success!

3. Post Surgery Support is Available! Recovering from surgery will have its ups and downs. Staying in contact with your physician to discuss complications and how your feeling is important. Dr. Carter has developed a Lap-Band System Aftercare Program to make sure you feel supported and have success after surgery!

4. Your Health should be the most important reasons you shouldn’t stay away from weight loss surgery. Diabetes, strokes, heart failure, death and more complications can develop from being overweight. Losing those extra pounds will allow you to live a healthier lifestyle.

5. Your Life is yours to Live! How many things have you said no to because you were too tired, too heavy and too depressed? Get your life back – live the life you want to!

Are you ready to discuss how Weight Loss Surgery can change your life for the better? Dr. Carter has performed over 5,000 Surgeries and is known as one of the best in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas Bariatrics! Fill out our application for a FREE consultation to find out more!


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