Preparing For Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Are you feeling nervous, yet excited? You’ve decided it’s time! Time to lose the weight for good and start making your health a priority. Gastric sleeve is a safe, reliable and effective option…but it’s still surgery. We get it! Dr. Carter has performed over 5,000 life-changing weight-loss surgeries and we’ve prepared some tips as you get ready for your gastric sleeve operation that will set you up for success.

Find a Reliable Surgeon
You aren’t just another patient. You are someone who has struggled for years, maybe even decades, with your health. Find a supportive doctor, who meets with you regularly, calms your nerves about the procedure and is going to be there for you in the long run. If you need to, check out our blog on tips for choosing your bariatric surgeon.

Create Your Support Group
While your gastric sleeve surgeon will be on your side, you’ll need support at home, work and amongst friends. Discuss your upcoming surgery with those close to you who will support you and be there for you before, during and after your recovery.

Clean Out and Stock Up
Prior to gastric sleeve surgery, you will go on a liquid only diet. Clean out the tempting foods you will no longer be eating and stock up on the approved dietary items. After surgery, you will be limited to liquids and certain soft foods, so stock up on those prior to surgery in preparation.

Think Comfy
After surgery, you may be uncomfortable and sore for a couple weeks. Check your wardrobe prior, making sure you have clothes to put on that are easy to put on and adjustable.

Confirm Pre-Op Testing
Prior to surgery, we will do some medical testing to make sure your body is ready for surgery. Confirm you have all the necessary pre-op testing scheduled and completed as to not prevent your surgery from taking place.

Visit the Pharmacy
Medications are prescribed to assist you to remain comfortable in your recovery. Fill these prescriptions prior to surgery so they’ll be ready for you when you get home.

If you prepare well, you should be able to relax as your surgery approached. You’ve picked the right surgeon, you’ve done all the necessary steps and you are ready to take your weight loss seriously!

If you are interested in Gastric Sleeve Surgery and want to learn more about how Dr. Carter has been successfully changing lives in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas then fill out an application for a FREE consultation.


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