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At Carter Bariatrics, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weight loss surgery. Instead, we believe in finding a plan that’s customized to your unique needs. With this in mind, we proudly offer a number of Arlington bariatric surgery options to better suit our patients. During your initial consultation, our knowledgeable staff will assess your specific situation and help you find the weight loss solution that’s right for you.

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When you rely on Carter Bariatrics, our experienced bariatric surgeon is prepared to help you find a weight loss plan that meets your needs. We have helped thousands of individuals transform their lives through bariatric surgery in Arlington, giving us the experience needed to help you.

Check out some of the services we offer:

We make it our mission to provide you with high-quality bariatric services from start to finish. Throughout the entire process, our qualified surgeon and specialists can answer any of your questions, including common questions about one of our most popular surgeries, the LAP-BAND® System. We’ll help you understand your options and find the right weight loss strategy for you.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

At Carter Bariatrics, we can help you determine if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery in Arlington and if so, which surgery is likely to be the most successful option for your unique situation. If you have been struggling with obesity, have a BMI of 30 and above, and/or have a weight-related condition like Type 2 diabetes, bariatrics may offer you the solution you’re looking for. Our staff members will help you look at various factors, including lifestyle, health plan, recovery time, and more in determining which of our weight loss services to pursue.

For every patient, we provide a warm and welcoming environment that’s designed to make you feel comfortable. Whether you have questions about how a certain procedure works, what results you can expect, or if an option is covered by your insurance, we are prepared to assist you every step of the way.

Pre-Surgery Evaluations: Ensuring Your Safety and Success

Before undergoing bariatric surgery, individuals typically undergo a series of tests and evaluations to ensure they are suitable candidates for the procedure and to assess their overall health. The specific tests may vary depending on the individual and the type of bariatric surgery being considered, but here are some common evaluations:

  • Physical examination: A comprehensive physical examination is conducted to assess overall health, identify any underlying medical conditions, and evaluate the individual's readiness for surgery.
  • Medical history review: The medical team reviews the patient's complete medical history, including any existing medical conditions, previous surgeries, and current medications.
  • Psychological evaluation: Bariatric surgery often involves significant lifestyle changes, so a psychological evaluation is conducted to assess the patient's emotional and mental well-being, ensuring they have realistic expectations and are psychologically prepared for the surgery and postoperative lifestyle changes.
  • Nutritional evaluation: A registered dietitian or nutritionist evaluates the patient's current dietary habits, nutritional status, and understanding of postoperative dietary requirements. This assessment helps identify any nutritional deficiencies and guides the development of a personalized pre- and postoperative nutritional plan.
  • Blood tests: Various blood tests are performed to assess the patient's overall health, including a complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), lipid profile, liver function tests, thyroid function tests, and assessment of vitamin and mineral levels.
  • Imaging tests: Imaging studies such as abdominal ultrasound, upper gastrointestinal (GI) series, or endoscopy may be conducted to evaluate the patient's upper digestive tract, identify any structural abnormalities, and assess the condition of the stomach and surrounding organs.
  • Cardiac evaluation: Depending on the patient's age and medical history, an electrocardiogram (ECG) and other cardiac tests may be performed to assess heart health and identify any underlying cardiovascular conditions.
  • Pulmonary evaluation: Lung function tests, such as spirometry, may be conducted to assess respiratory health and identify any pre-existing lung conditions.
  • Sleep study: A sleep study (polysomnography) may be recommended to evaluate the presence and severity of sleep apnea, a common condition associated with obesity.
  • Other evaluations: Depending on the patient's specific health needs and risk factors, additional tests such as a gastrointestinal evaluation, diabetes assessment, or kidney function tests may be performed.

These preoperative evaluations and tests help the medical team determine if bariatric surgery is appropriate for the individual and identify any potential risks or complications that need to be addressed before proceeding with the surgery. It's important for patients to work closely with our team and follow the doctor's recommendations throughout the evaluation process.

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